Oil Condition Monitoring

Between 70% and 90% of all hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminated oil. Septec offers a range of oil condition monitoring systems that detect oil change and prevent unnecessary downtime and costs.   

What we do

The Septec brand forms part of the Auxano Technologies range of products. Septec supplies advanced oil condition monitoring technologies, with a fully integrated product portfolio. All engineered and developed from the initial core product, the Septec Oil Quality Sensor (SOQS).

Our products are trusted by the world’s leading industrial and commercial companies to monitor oil condition, optimise equipment productivity, reduce operating costs, and help remain competitive in a global economy.

All Septec products are manufactured to a high-quality specification, for long term continuous operation in the harshest commercial and industrial environments.

Each product is designed and tested to withstand the long-term effects of extreme shock, vibration, heat, cold thermal shock, electrical interference and more.

Our customer support team is available to discuss ways in which we can offer commercial beneficial oil conditioning. Our aim; to enable customers to quickly and smoothly implement successful condition monitoring.

Septec and its global partners offer technical support, advice and consultancy to ensure customers maximise the long-term benefits of their investment in oil condition monitoring.




Oil Condition Monitoring System SOCM 301

The purpose of Oil Condition Monitoring enables equipment operators to know instantly, the oil condition and any changes in its quality utilising the memory in the Septec display unit. This enables the operator to minimise breakdowns, extend equipment life and increase productivity.

Everything you need for a single installation. The kit includes a single SOQS sensor and a Septec display unit. pre-configured software and installation guide. Robust and easy to install, the SOQS and SDU are the perfect partnership


Septec Oil Quality Test Kit MOT 100

A mobile test kit that can be taken anywhere. The kit includes the patented technology Septec sensor (SOQS), cables, sample bottles and software. The MOT100 allows operators to instantly check oil, without waiting for test results from a laboratory. With instant notification of a change in oil, preventative action can be taken to avoid expensive repairs or downtime.

identify oil contamination as soon as it appears

Contaminated oil accounts for a high number of hydraulic system failures. Globally, research varies from 70% to 90% as the cause. Dirty oil will likely result in unscheduled maintenance, breakdowns, premature wear, reduced efficiency or even catastrophic failure. Monitoring the condition of oil and preventing contamination, is the most effective way to avoid all of these.
Oil can become contaminated in many ways, even when a managed maintenance programme is in place. The cost and inconvenience can have devastating consequences to plant and machinery. Prevention is the cure and for a minimal cost and time, these problems can be eliminated.
Septec offers a range of products that monitor and analyse oil condition. This can be through continuous monitoring (Septec SOCM) or kits that allow samples to be tested on-site (Septec MOT).

The essence of our Oil Condition Monitoring products are; ease of use, accurate results and instant analysis.


More Sensitive Then Competitors Equipment




Fully Patented And Certified To International Standards


BS EN Compliant


Dirty oil will likely have a high particle count. Particles break down, become abrasive and cause wear as they move between moving parts and critical plant.

Small amounts of water contaminate oil. The oil is degraded and corrosion occurs. 


patented technology

At the core of our Septec range of oil condition monitoring products, is the Septec Oil Quality Sensor (SOQS).

A piece of engineering art with cutting edge technology. The SOQS delivers accuracy beyond anything on the market today.

Our Oil Quality Sensor can be configured to suit any oil type. Septec monitors, detects and reports any change in oil, in real time.   

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