Our Oil Quality test Kit is a mobile kit including the SOQS Septec sensor, cables, adapter, sample bottles and USB loaded software. Simply take a small sample of oil and connect the sample bottle to the sensor. This allows you to test the quality of your oil in less than 5 minutes.

For ease of understanding, our software generates a traffic light indication system!


Condition monitoring is a best practice operation, where data is obtained from analysing oil, helping to evaluate the operational efficiency of machinery and determine maintenance requirements of equipment, including routine oil changes. Monitoring oil and identifying a change in oil condition, allows users to better manage uptime and service life of the equipment. One way to analyse oil is to send a sample for laboratory tests, though the time period between collecting samples to obtaining reports can be lengthy. This may cause delays in diagnosing mechanical faults. The Engineer will likely miss the appropriate time for maintenance, and the machinery may fail, or damage occurs, before receiving the results.

Moreover, statistics show that 95% of oil test results show no concerns in oil condition. 5% of tested oil does indicate that further action is necessary. On-site detection and real time monitoring identify those issues instantly which protects critical machinery, avoids downtime and eliminates all associated costs.


Key Product features


Accurately detect the quality of different oils, with indication by grading of the oil.

60% more sensitive and accurate than other products offering a similar service.

Only needs a minimum of 50ml of oil for accurate testing.

Septec Oil Quality Sensor, with patented technology, is fully certified to international standards

High accuracy of test results means the oil cycle can be extended, so the investment return period is short.

Portable, easy to use, with instant results.

Software provided with oil quality database, configured for the clients needs.

Durable and robust mobile carry case. Dimensions:   34 (W) x  14 (D) x 29.5 (H)cm



Avoid unnecessary oil changes, determined by the quality data indicator, reduces waste oil production.

Data provides an early warning to prevent catastrophic mechanical failure.

Improve mechanical safety, data indicators can monitor the safe operation of machinery under optimal conditions.

Provide optimal maintenance cycle to ensure no damage to machinery, ensuring reliability.


Operating Procedure

Remove the plastic caps from the sensor, attach the adapter to the sensor and then connect the

cable to the sensor.

Connect cable from the sensor to the USB port on the PC. Confirm brand and specification

Attach a sample bottle (with oil) to the adapter, gently shake for a few seconds and invert the whole assembly.

Analyze the data. Septec Oil Quality Software analyses the oil quality and provides data using a convenient traffic light indication system.

Septec Oil Quality Test Kit MOT 100

A mobile test kit that can be taken anywhere. The kit includes the patented technology Septec sensor (SOQS), cables, sample bottles and software. The MOT100 allows operators to instantly check oil, without waiting for test results from a laboratory. With instant notification of a change in oil, preventative action can be taken to avoid expensive repairs or downtime.


Eliminates Up To 90% Of Laboratory Oil Tests

identify oil contamination as soon as it appears

Contaminated oil accounts for a high number of hydraulic system failures. Globally, research varies from 70% to 90% as the cause. Dirty oil will likely result in unscheduled maintenance, breakdowns, premature wear, reduced efficiency or even catastrophic failure. Monitoring the condition of oil and preventing contamination, is the most effective way to avoid all of these.
Oil can become contaminated in many ways, even when a managed maintenance programme is in place. The cost and inconvenience can have devastating consequences to plant and machinery. Prevention is the cure and for a minimal cost and time, these problems can be eliminated.
Septec offers a range of products that monitor and analyse oil condition. This can be through continuous monitoring (Septec SOCM) or kits that allow samples to be tested on-site (Septec MOT).

The essence of our Oil Condition Monitoring products are; ease of use, accurate results and instant analysis.


Dirty oil will likely have a high particle count. Particles break down, become abrasive and cause wear as they move between moving parts and critical plant.

Small amounts of water contaminate oil. The oil is degraded and corrosion occurs. 


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